A mobile book club

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Interaction Designer



Guerilla Interviews

Synthesis of data



Peer Critiques




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Team Members

Bryan Freeland

Kimberly Chang

Alan Herman


As part of our Interaction Design Studio we worked on creating a concept and prototype of a new mobile application for commuters. Our initial research  found that commuters are constantly looking for ways to be productive and entertained during their commute. We also discovered that over 5 million Americans try to participate in book clubs, enjoying the feeling of being cultured. Thus, we decided to create a mobile book club application. 


Initial research

Based on our initial research through a survey we found an opportunity in creating a good form of entertainment during a long commute. We conducted further interviews to understand this sphere and found that many people like to talk on the phone while driving, however they also wanted to know they had someone to talk to for a large part of their commute. 



Design Choices

  • We did not want to reinvent the wheel: there are lots of apps out there that work with digital books.

  • The moderator needed different screens; need to be able to see who is speaking, the time. They also need to be accountable, therefore we put in place the rating system. 

  • Because the app could be used while driving, we wanted very little distraction from the app.

  • App needs a revenue model: partly with one-click Amazon purchases, special guest moderators by publishers promoting their books.

Design Specifications


Dashboard Screen


We created personas of who would use our app.

We created the persona of Vanessa who is a working mother of two. She commutes an hour each way to work, and would love to do something productive for herself while she is in the car.

Mary Sue is a sales associate at Barnes & Noble who is an aspiring writer. She heard about this app where she can host book clubs, and plug her book in return. 



Iterations of Design



As part of our "client pitch" we also created a short animation to show the gestures that would be used for the app. 


Signing up for a book club:


Moderating a book club: