Craigslist Redesign

My Role

UX Designer



Paper prototyping

Balsamiq prototyping

High-fidelity prototyping

User testing

Heuristic evaluation



Paper and Pencil


Adobe Flash Builder


For this project we had to choose a real world device or computer interface and complete an iterative prototyping process to improve it.

I chose craigslist's website to redesign, because of its outdated design that has major usability issues. 

I began this process by paper prototyping and testing it on two users. 

From the feedback of the users and seeing how they interacted with the prototype I wrote up about 12 Usability Aspect Reports of problems.

Next, I moved on to the next stage of iteration, using Balsamiq.  

I knew my iterations were improving as my Usability Aspect Reports became fewer with each user I tested. 

The final iterative stage was created in Flash Builder. It attempts not to violate any of Nielson's 10 Usability Heuristic. 

You can see the full Flash prototype here