Bank of America Capstone Project

MHCI Capstone Project 

My Role

Research Lead


Kick - off

Literature Review

Competitive Analysis


Analysis & Synthesis




Shuangshuang Li

Ivory Assan

Gaby Moreno Cesar

Matthew Hsieh


The MHCI capstone is a 32 week project course that allows for us to experience the full research, design, and development cycle. We are able to work with real clients and real problems. For this project I am teamed up with 4 other students, combining all of our backgrounds and skills. The role I play in the team is research lead. We were tasked with the job of creating meaningful and frictionless digital interactions to drive online sales for Bank of America. 


We have currently just finished our research phase and are working on analysis and synthesis. In the next few months we will be visioning, prototyping, and user testing our design. 

Due to a non-disclosure agreement I cannot share our research findings and designs, but I can show you our process. 

After gathering all our data we set out to synthesize and analyze it. We began this process with an affinity diagram.